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My goal is to help individuals and families with their homes. Buying and Selling can be complicated, you could have a property that you inherited, you are in need of downsizing, you are wanting to expand, job relocation, you name it. Each scenario is unique because you are.

Your Real Estate needs should not be placed in anyone’s hands, this is your biggest purchase or asset you may every do and you deserve the best. With years of experience representing others and building my own portfolio I emphasize my education and experience to you. Do not know what repairs to do? When to start listing? Need to sell fast? My agents and I are here for you.

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Mulit-Family units
Luxury Homes
Distressed properties
Financial Troubles
Owner Finance

James Hale

“Valorie explained the process clearly, ensured paperwork was correct, used technology efficiently, negotiated effectively, exhibited attention to detail, and represented and protected my interests.”

James Hale,
Home Seller in Katy, TX
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Susan Wolf

“Valorie updated me regularly, responded in a timely manner, communicated with me in the way I wanted.”

Susan Wolf,
Home Buyer in Montgomery County, TX
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April Crosland

“ Valorie exhibited knowledge of the real estate market, the neighborhood and community.”

April Crosland,
Home Seller in The Woodlands, TX
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Heather Beck

“Understood my needs, gave me personal attention, made me feel valued as a client, was on time and prompt. I would recommend this Realtor to a friend or colleague”

Heather Beck,
Home Seller in Conroe, TX
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technology is great. having the right people is better.

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Buying or selling are some of the most important financial decisions in life. That’s why we believe you should be guided with the highest level of professionalism and knowledge. Our advisors will make sure you always have the right data, resources, and professional advice you need at every stage of the buying process, so you can be 100% confident in your home decision.

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